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As previously stated, your name is Derrick Willford.

You have a variety of interests that include the dark and mysterious aspects of life. Monsters and demons both excite and frighten you to death, which you can enjoy sometimes since you’ve grown very bored lately. You are a calm and shy person who fears the wrath of others and will avoid danger whenever possible. You have taken measures to protect yourself from the “things” outside of your room; your closet on the other side of the room is a last resort to hide from the demons that lurk behind your door. You have no friends other than your beloved sister, however you haven’t seen her in the years since the “accident” that caused the both of you to become orphans. You still keep in touch using the chat client called Pesterchum.

You are getting a bit edgy from your insomnia as well. What will you do while in the confines of your room?


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A young man stands in his bedroom. It just so happens that he cannot sleep, and hasn’t for some time now.

He’s a bit groggy and is having trouble remembering his own name!
What was it again?

Author Notes

Lucidstuck mirror updates sporadically throughout the week!
This little area will be for any kind of nice stuff that happens in the threads that people who are reading through the mirror might want to see.


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Dream 1: End p71 (70 pages)
Dream 2: End p168 (98 pages)
Dream 3: End p404 (237 pages)
Dream 4: End p624 (221 pages)
Dream 5: End p736 (113 pages)
Dream 6: End p847 (112 pages)
Dream 7: End p1273 (427 pages)
Dream 8: End p1375 (103 pages)
Dream 9: End p1775 (401 pages)
Dream 10: End p2356 (581 pages)
Dream 11: End p2601 (246 pages)
Dream 12: End p3096 (495 pages)
Dream 13: End p3617 (512 pages)
Current Dream: 14


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