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Rowdy youngster 1: Hey, Heeeey, Derrick! Wait up.
Rowdy youngster 2: Yeah, man, what’s the rush? Let’s have a little chat! c:
Derrick: …
Derrick: What do you want from me…?
Rowdy youngster 1: Oh, you know, I was wondering maybe if you could talk to your sister.
Rowdy youngster 1: Ha, I decided to ask her out, but she shot me down, hahahaha.
Rowdy youngster 2: Yeah, it was cold. How could she reject him so bluntly? That bitch.
Derrick: …!
Rowdy youngster 1: So, I was wondering if you could maybe make her reconsider.
Rowdy youngster 2: Yeah, I’m sure you could change her mind.
Derrick: Why would I do that?
Derrick: She obviously doesn’t want to be involved with you failures.
Derrick: She was right to reject you stooges.
Rowdy youngster 1: Hey now, you better watch your mouth, midget.
Rowdy youngster 2: Who the fuck are you talking to, huh?
Rowdy youngster 1: If you don’t tell her to reconsider, we’ll send the message…  through your fuckin’ face! *punches Derrick*
Derrick: Don’t touch me!
Rowdy youngster 2: How can you two even be related? You’re such a little creep! *punches Derrick*
Derrick: I said don’t touch me!
Rowdy youngster 1: What are you gunna do, shorty? *pushes Derrick*
Rowdy youngster 2: Hahaha, you might break your hands trying to beat us up.
Derrick: I said…
Rowdy youngster 1: Hahahaha!
Rowdy youngster 2: hahahaha!
Derrick: Don’t…
Derrick: FUCKING….
Derrick: TOUCH ME!
Rowdy youngster 1: …!?
Rowdy youngster 2: …!?



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