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Derrick: Reunite with your lovely raven.

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Derrick: Reunite with your lovely raven.


Derrick: Reggie, you’re alive! How are you, my lovely raven?
Reggie: Dude, don’t even go there.
Reggie: You think I don’t know how long you’ve been dreaming.
Reggie: Running around, doing cool mind shit without me.
Reggie: Don’t come in here actin’ like we cool and I was with you.
Reggie: Because, news flash, I wasn’t.
Derrick: O__O Uhh… Sorry?
Reggie: Yeah, whatever.
Reggie: So, what’s up, shit get too hot to handle or something?
Derrick: Well, actually, yeah! Some creep tried to kill me!
Derrick: I ran into my broom closet and ended up in here.
Reggie: Hm.
Derrick: Mind shedding a little light on why I’m in here and the door is an image of a door???
Reggie: Hah, shit if I know.
Derrick: O__O”
Reggie: Nah, I’m just messin’ with you, I know a ton of shit.
Reggie: If you want, I can spill the beans.
Reggie: What do you want to know?
Derrick: Why am I in here and not in the broom closet?
Reggie: Oh, that’s easy, because you flipped the fuck out and warped this area.
Derrick: Warped it?
Reggie: Yes, warped, that’s what I said.
Derrick: Gosh, you’re so touchy.
Reggie: I’m not touchy, touchy is the last thing I would be, shit, I’d sooner be a fuckin’ flower or a rock or a crow. But touchy, we don’t sit tight together.
Derrick: …
Reggie: Yeah, okay, I’ll stop.
Reggie: To give you a better explanation, you are in the broom closet, and you are in the safehouse at the same time. It’s just that I’m only in the safehouse. You kind of bent reality big time.
Derrick: How do I fix it?
Reggie: All you gotta do is chill out, sit tight and reality will fix itself.
Derrick: All I have to do is stay here?
Reggie: Yep, not like that will be hard, there’s no way to leave.
Derrick: So, like, how did I even bend reality to get in here?
Reggie: You’re asking me?
Derrick: Yes, I’m asking you, you said you knew a shit ton of stuff!
Reggie: Well yeah, but I thought you knew. I mean, you did it.
Derrick: I barely know anything about this realm! How would I know that?!
Derrick: Besides, you SEEM to know when I’m here, so you of all things would know that I don’t know jack shit!
Reggie: ;> Easy there… I’m just playin’.
Derrick: ……..
Reggie: Well, yeah just sit tight, and things will be back to normal.
Derrick: Hey, you wanna come help me out outside?
Reggie: Nah, man. You’re not ready to handle me yet.
Derrick: What do you mean?
Reggie: I dunno, your presence feels all wispy-like, and it’s cramping me out yo.
Derrick: >___> Wispy?
Reggie: …. YES…. WISPY… My god, you’re like an echo!
Derrick: Sorry…
Reggie: Ask me again when you clear that shit up.
Reggie: Laters :>


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