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Derrick: Continue forward.

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Derrick: Continue forward.



— hallowedNightmare[HN] began pestering depravedPhantasm[DP]

HN: Sister!
DP: Hi Brother, I see you’re back <:
HN: I managed to defeat some monsters that were blocking the hallway!
HN: They were nice-looking when I first encountered them the other day…
HN: And nice talking…
HN: But then today they got freaky!
HN: They started to freak out, trying to get my blood.
HN: And then I got this new deer troll creature named Bambino to help me.
HN: For a fluffball, he’s pretty strong, but by the looks of him, he’s really injured.
DP: o:
DP: Deer troll? You conjured something?
HN: Conjured? No, I sort of just looked at him in my poster and he looked back at me and jumped out.
DP: Yes, you conjured him. I’d better explain some things to you.
HN: Uhm, okay, but if you, do for the love of all things good and pure in this dark world, please change your font colour?
HN: It’s burning my eyes… TT~TT
DP: There, how’s this?
HN: What?
DP: My font is white now, highlight it, Brother!
HN: What is it?
DP: …
HN: OH! sorry…
DP: Let me explain some things to you since you’re new at all this.
DP: While you dream, there are a few special things you can do specifically.
DP: One is conjure; another one, reality manipulation; and another is Lucid Cancel.
DP: If you noticed, that thing you conjured helps you out. That’s because he’s apart of you, whether you’ll admit it or not.
DP: Deep down, it is an aspect of you that just happened to come out in that form. When you get better at understanding yourself, you’ll be able to conjure more things to help you. <:
HN: Oh, okay I see. But I’m not strong at all! Why is he so strong
DP: You are strong, somewhere deep down. You have the strength to withstand strong forces physically, mentally, or metaphorically.
HN: You mean like how I can stay awake for a long time?
DP: Well, you have insomnia, but sure, I guess! <:
DP: Next is reality manipulation. This is the ability to affect your environment to your advantage. You’d need a lot of mind power to change something significant, like create a basketball out of thin air, but if you give it some use, you’d be surprised at what you can do! <:
HN: Come to think of it, I was able to enhance the lighting in the hallway to help me see a bit more.
DP: Really? That’s great! You’re already getting the hang of how it works~
DP: And last, but not least, Lucid Cancel. This is something unique to the both of us, if you ever fell to the hands of the dark creatures, you can use this to wake up!
HN: You mean like… die?
DP: Well, technically, you didn’t die, you’re only dreaming, silly <:
HN: Oh, so it doesn’t matter if I die while dreaming? It’s still scary though…
DP: Oh, don’t get me wrong. It’s extremely important that you don’t die while you’re sleeping l:
HN: Huh? Why? What will happen to me?
DP: Well, uhh… To be perfectly blunt, you may become possessed…
HN: Possessed? Possessed by what?
DP: I dunno! Some dark creature that attacked your body while you’re dreaming!
HN: Wait, what the hell? It’s just a dream!
DP: Yes, you are dreaming, but haven’t you noticed you’re still in your room? Why don’t you just dream up some fanciful world with blood and all that creepy shit you like?
HN: Well… because… I dunno… When I fall asleep sometimes nothing happens and sometimes I’m just in my room and I feel well rested.
DP: Hmm, there’s a word for it, what’s it called…?
HN: …
DP: Ahh, I found it
DP: It’s called Astral Projection, I’ve been practicing it myself, but haven’t been able to do it. Basically when you’re dreaming your body is pretty much fair game l:
HN: Fair game? what do you mean by that?
DP: I mean that when you’re sleeping, any fucked up creature of darkness and doom can kill your projection and waltz into your bedroom and literally BE YOU.
HN: WHAT?! I’m never sleeping again! How do I not project myself?
DP: I dunno! As I’ve said, I haven’t been able to do it myself.
DP: There is hope for you though (;
HN: Really?
DP: Yes, brother, really.
DP: Your hope is to talk to your big sis d;
DP: I’ll get you through this, we can probably even reunite again!
HN: !!!! You really mean that? It’s been so lonely by myself.
DP: Awww, don’t worry. I’ve missed you, too, little brother (;
DP: When you go exploring, keep on the look out for marshmallows!
DP: Well duh, you’re making them! Those are what you need for Lucid Cancel. Make sure you have at least one. If you find yourself dying, you don’t want your body lingering for something to hop in while you’re out.
HN: What happens to me if something gets into my body?
DP: Uhm, you don’t want to know, all I can say is DON’T let that happen. Dream dying is nothing compared to that.
HN: What happens to me when I dream die?
DP: You’ll probably black out… I know because I’ve dream died a few times.
HN: Really? But your mind is probably filled with flowers and girl stuff :l
DP: …
DP: Yeah… haha…
DP: Flowers and stuff, y’know how it is. (:
DP: Anyways, when you dream die, you’ll awake in the spot you died in, so don’t die too far from your body. And the farther you are from your body, the longer it will take to awake, which is more time for something else to swoop in.
DP: I may be taking this lightly but it is really serious.
DP: Well, that’s the end of my rambling. Just gather up some marshmallows and guard your body.
DP: I’ll be here if you have any other questions.
HN: Okay thanks for the chat Sister!
DP: Bai Brother!

— hallowedNightmare[HN] ceased pestering depravedPhantasm[DP]


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