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Lucia: Inquire further on the ‘Maid’ and ‘Prince’ business.

Lucia: Inquire further on the ‘Maid’ and ‘Prince’ business. published on Read more posts by the author of Lucia: Inquire further on the ‘Maid’ and ‘Prince’ business., Reggie RavenNo Comments on Lucia: Inquire further on the ‘Maid’ and ‘Prince’ business.

Gimme five! Gimme Fifty!


Lucia: What do you mean you’re human? You look like grim reapers!
Itamie: Yes, that’s the idea. We look scary so we aren’t attacked by the low tier demons.
Itamie: And to be perfectly honest, we don’t look that scary… How old are you?

Lucia: … 16. >___>
Itamie: Haha, no wonder. You’re so young.
Itamie: Here, Veneri. Let me heal your wounds.

Veneri: Thanks, Itamie!!
Itamie: Don’t mention it.
Lucia: Medo, tell me more about this prince and maid spiel.
Medo: Hmm, I don’t know as much as the leader does.
Itamie: I know it. Let me tell it.
Medo: She asked me!
Lucia: It’s fine. She can tell it.
Medo: Fine, whatever…
Itamie: The Maid is the Prince’s 2nd in command. Together, they rule this world, keeping the dark threats to an absolute minimum. The full title is the Maid Of Dusk.
Itamie: She serves the Prince Of Fear, shrouded in shadows, controlled by fear.

Lucia: … I’m not controlled by fe–
Itamie: –Her companionship puts the Prince at ease. She wields black darkness and completes the Prince of Fear as the Guardians of the Land of Murder and Moonlight.
Lucia: Murder and Moonlight? That’s beautifully depressing T.T
Itamie: Tell me about it.
Itamie: The Prince of Fear, gentle Guardian of the Land of Murder and Moonlight. He basks in the darkness, wielding the Moonlight Blade. He was once tormented by fear, now he commands it.
Itamie: Together, these beings are potentially limitless and are the only ones capable of stopping the monstrosity that has been let loose.
Itamie: Our role in all this is to make sure you guys meet up.
Itamie: None of us have seen the Prince, though. He’s pretty hard to find.

Lucia: So…
Lucia: If you guys are human, can you remove your masks?

Itamie: …
Veneri: …
Medo: …
Itamie: No.
Lucia: What? Why?
Itamie: Because, Ms. Lucia, it’s one of the rules we have to follow. I’m sure you understand.
Lucia: T.T Stingyyyyy….
Lucia: So, like, how long have you guys been in this world?

Itamie: Well, I cannot speak for everyone, but I’ve lost count…
Itamie: The last thing I can remember… I was being attacked by some creature.
Itamie: I’d been wandering this realm for ages before I found our leader.
Itamie: He took all of us in and gave us a purpose, higher than anything we could imagine.

Medo: Yeah. My last memory was being submerged in water. I thought I was going to die, but then I passed out.
Medo: When I awoke, our leader had rescued me, but I was in this place. I don’t remember how long I’ve been here since then.

Veneri: …
Veneri: Well……. for me…..
Veneri: Uhh… I dunno. I think I’ve always been here!
Veneri: I have no memories or anything outside of this place.
Veneri: I was surprised to know there were others that looked like me.
Veneri: Our leader happily welcomed me in, and the rest is history.

Lucia: Hmm, so you all claim you’re humans, but you don’t know anything of outside this world?
Lucia: Who’s to say you’re not all MONSTERS trying to trick me, huh!

Itamie: Ha. Don’t make me laugh. If I wanted to kill you, I’d have done it when you were pissing me off, MS. LUCIA.
Lucia: >__>
Itamie: Prove you’re human and try and tell us of the so called world that you think exists beyond this realm.
Lucia: …..
Itamie: Well I believe my point has been made.
Itamie: You are just like us. All you know is this world.

Lucia: I KNOW MORE….
Lucia: I JUST…
Lucia: I don’t know why I can’t remember I…
Lucia: DERRICK…!

Itamie: …?
Medo: …?
Veneri: …?
Itamie: Who is Derrick?
Lucia: Derrick! He’s my best friend! This is his freaking house!
Itamie: You know the Prince?!
Itamie: Tell me about him!!

Lucia: ….
Lucia: I don’t really… remember much…
Lucia: It’s been a long time…
Lucia: But I haven’t seen Derrick at all since I’ve been in this realm!
Lucia: Which means I must have known of him from a world that isn’t this one.

Itamie: Interesting…
Itamie: Why is it that you don’t know anything but him…?

Lucia: Ira said that I will remember everything soon enough, so…
Lucia: When that time comes, I’ll be able to prove it further.

Itamie: Fair enough…
Itamie: Let’s take you to a safer place.



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