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Lucia: Wait for Kooki to leave, THEN explain the importance of the candle.

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Group-bath time is over.


Lucia: What the hell?
Itamie: That demon is extremely powerful. It’s a good thing you decided to follow us.
Itamie: He’s called Kooki, and he’s bent on killing the prince, with you as second priority.
Itamie: That’s why I told you to get in the tub to hide from him. None of us can beat him.

Lucia: Ha! I knew that guy was bad news.
Lucia: But he was hanging around with us until we heard you cry out for a maid and Ira.

Itamie: What…?
Lucia: Yeah, he was all goofy and humble like around us.
Itamie: That’s strange…
Veneri: Haha, oops.
Lucia: It’s a good thing you told us. We were helping him look for a little strong dude.
Lucia: Is it one of you guys?

Medo: Ha, we’ll I’m flattered you see me as–
Itamie: Not you Medo, the prince.
Lucia: Who’s the Prince?
Itamie: We don’t know his real name. That’s just what we call him.
Itamie: And you are the maid we’re looking for.

Lucia: Hey, I’m not a damn maid.
Itamie: Yes, you are.
Lucia: I’m not!
Itamie: … Please don’t argue with me, maid. I have a short temper.
Lucia: What are you gunna do? Cut me with your scythe? Ooooh, I’m SHAKING.
Itamie: You bratty little–
Medo: EASY there, Itamie. Why don’t we all introduce ourselves before killing each other, yeah?
Itamie: … Hmpf…
Medo: Sorry about that. My name is Medo. She’s Itamie.
Veneri: Annnd I’m Veneri!!
Medo: We’re part of an organization that is set out to restoring this world.
Medo: Because it will be consumed by darkness and destruction soon.

Lucia: Oh? And why’s that?
Medo: Well there has been… a breach.
Medo: An extremely powerful entity has been unleashed upon this world and it was contained in this structure.
Medo: No one has ever laid eyes upon it, but it controls the demons that roam around to a significant extent.
Medo: We’ve learned that it plans to control this world and somehow force its way out.
Medo: Into… well I’m not sure what exists beyond this world.
Medo: But it’s crucial that we find it and take it down.

Lucia: Sounds like a mission. Good luck with that.
Medo: Hey, now, we need your help!
Lucia: What can I do? I get scared at… well anything that’s dark, creepy and moves…
Lucia: And I’m very weak.

Medo: Never mind the details! You’re important in your own way.
Itamie: … Yes. I’m sorry for snapping at you, maid.
Lucia: The name’s LUCIA, get it right!
Itamie: … Of course, Ms. Lucia.
Lucia: So, like, how many of you are there?
Medo: Oh, there’s 12 of us. We’re pretty scattered out right now across the levels of darkness.
Lucia: What’s that?
Medo: Uhhh.. It’s like where things get weird and you don’t really notice it?
Ira: He means blackout dreams, Ms. Lucia…
Lucia: Oh right, those. Okay, I gotcha.
Medo: Yes, our top priority was to find you and keep you safe.
Medo: But we also are important, and we need to keep ourselves safe as well.

Lucia: I don’t understand what you lot want with me.
Medo: Hey, we just follow orders. We gotta stick together and keep everyone safe, you know?
Lucia: So, like…
Lucia: Here’s the million dollar question.

Medo: …?
Lucia: What are you guys…?
Medo: …
Itamie: …
Veneri: …
Medo: We’re human. Just like you.
Lucia: WHAT?



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