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Veneri: Shout help call.

Veneri: Shout help call. published on Read more posts by the author of Veneri: Shout help call., Reggie RavenNo Comments on Veneri: Shout help call.

Lucia holding a candle wondering wtf was that sound.


Veneri: BOO!!
Lucia: (Did you hear that Ira???)
Ira: (Yes, Ms. Lucia…)
Lucia: (There’s ghosts up in here, SHIT…)
Ira: (Ghosts…?)
Lucia: (I HATE ghosts, they’re transparent and shit. They’re slow like zombies but can phase through walls to get you.)
Ira: (I can see where you’d find fear in a creature like that…)
Lucia: (Well, we’ve got this candle so if it comes here we’ll just burn it up T.Tb)
Ira: (ouob…)



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