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Lucia: Okay, start talkin’
Lucia: What does this character you’re looking for look like?
Kooki: Hmm. He is a little one. Gives me a sad feeling, not because he’s scary, but because he’s really strong!
Lucia: Okay, short, and strong. Oh, hey…
Lucia: (He could be talking about those grim reaper kids that totally attacked me)
Ira: (Maybe, Ms. Lucia… )
Lucia: Who cut you on your face like that?
Kooki: Oh, a strange creature, I cannot give it a name how strange it was.
Kooki: Though it had slender nails and big ears, deep red eyes and a pointy tail.
Lucia: …
Lucia: (It was probably that weird ass cat. It must have tracked me down!)
Ira: (What does it want? It seems to attack anything…)
Lucia: (Let’s not stick around to find out!)
Lucia: Okay, so which way?
Kooki: I don’t quite remember. We’ll have to look at places and be hopeful!
Lucia: … T___T Ugh…



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