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Reggie: Dude, are you down there?
Reggie: Dude…?
Reggie: Crap, he’s not answering…

Derrick: Hello?
Reggie: Dude!
Derrick: Hey, Reggie, what’s up?
Reggie: Dude, why did you go down there? There are stronger monsters hanging around now!
Derrick: What do you mean?
Reggie: I’ve been checking around the house and some freaks have been stickin’ around.
Reggie: But they don’t seem to be coming by and knocking on your door, which is good.

Derrick: Okay, so what do I do now?
Reggie: Well, the furball can’t turn the dials on this combination lock for shit with his twiggy hands so he’s going to come to you.
Derrick: Oh, alright.
Reggie: He’ll be there whenever.
Derrick: .___. Whenever?
Reggie: Yeah, whenever. He can take as long as he wants. Who are you, Hitler?
Derrick: Ho-ly….



It looks like it will be a while until Bambino shows up.

In the mean time you can wait for him or be someone else.

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