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Derrick: ….
Derrick: What do you want now…?
???: Damn, you’re a cold one!
???: I’m sorry I tried to make you cheat, it’s just doing things the hard way isn’t my style…

Derrick: I’ll bet you scored great on that last test then.
???: Ha ha >:I.
???: Anyways, what are you doing for lunch? I don’t really invite many people out, but you’re different.

Derrick: Why’s that..?
???: Because of the strange secret I’m not telling you now. ;D
Derrick: I usually go out for lunch…
???: By yourself? That’s no fun. I bet you could chat up a storm with some people here, you need more friends like me!
Derrick: You’re not my friend.
???: Ouch, can’t you see I’m trying? What’s wrong with you dude…?
Derrick: You don’t seem like a good person.
???: … I guess you need to get to know me then! All the more reason to be friends!
???: What do you say? I can introduce you to some people I know!
???: You don’t have to be alone all the time.



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