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Lucia: Ask Ira why she knows all these things.

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Lucia: Ask Ira why she knows all these things.


Lucia: DEAD?!

Ira: Calm down Ms. Lucia, you may draw attention to yourself…
Lucia: Oops, sorry…
Lucia: Well…?!

Ira: It may have something to do with why you’re here at all…
Ira: Why are you here…?

Lucia: I don’t remember…!!!!
Lucia: The earliest memory I can remember is waking up in my room, which was very dark…
Lucia: My parents weren’t home, so I waited a long time for them…
Lucia: They never came back… So I went outside, and there wasn’t a single person anywhere….
Lucia: It’s been like that for years!

Ira: Years…? How did you get by being alone for years in this place…?
Lucia: I don’t know, food wasn’t really an issue. Just keeping away from monsters was my main objective.
Lucia: Everything was okay as long as I was barricaded in my room, and then Derrick messaged me!

Ira: Really…?
Lucia: Yes! He said he was sleeping or something and that he could help me if I leave the house. Worst thing I ever did…
Ira: Why…?
Lucia: A freaky ass cat went to my house while I was gone, and whenever I tried to go near it, it would throw rocks at me!!
Ira: ono…!!!
Lucia: I had no choice but to go into the darkness. It really sucked.
Lucia: About a year and a half later of living in the dark, I found this house…
Lucia: I spent most of the year, keeping out of sight of things that walked around.
Lucia: Then some zombie thing started to chase me! It had a really big sword that it threw around like a boomerang!

Ira: What did you do…?
Lucia: I did what I was good at! I ran!
Lucia: I ran into this house, in which I realized it was Derrick’s house. I went to his room and knocked on the door but there wasn’t an answer.
Lucia: I hung around his house pretty much until now, until here too got infested with these monsters….
Lucia: Then some stinky dude with nails in his arms and legs starting hanging around, so I went into the pantry, and that’s when I remembered the fort!
Lucia: I often checked out in the kitchen to see if it left, but it was always in there, what a creep…

Ira: ono…..
Lucia: And so I was in the fort for a long ass time until just recently.
Lucia: And the rest is history!

Ira: That’s quite a story….
Lucia: Yep. And I fell down a few times over the years, it’s pretty hard to see in the dark.
Ira: Where did you fall…?
Lucia: I dunno, I couldn’t see a thing how dark it was… Whenever I’d fall things got weird.
Ira: That could be how you fell so deep in this world…
Lucia: Yeah, that’s most likely how it happened. I can be a bit of a klutz sometimes T.T…
Lucia: So wanna tell me what you know about Derrick?

Ira: …. I don’t know anything…!
Lucia: You liar. How did you “think” he thought I was dead…?
Ira: It is just a feeling… I don’t understand it either….
Ira: Though, I felt his presence a bit while you were hiding in the “fort”…

Lucia: Hmm… he must have been in there, then, we may be getting closer!



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