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You decide to look at your computer. Hey, your sister is on? How is that even possible!



— hallowedNightmare[HN] began pestering depravedPhantasm[DP] 

HN: Sister?

HN: Sister, are you there?

DP: Hiiiiiiii brother <:
HN: How are you even able to be online? I think I’m dreaming.
DP: Huh… I dunno <:
HN: ._.
DP: l:
DP: Hahahahaha I’m just messing with you brother, I’m also dreaming!
DP: Otherwise, how could you be lucid dreaming and talking to me in the physical plane? Now that doesn’t make much sense!

HN: Where are you anyway?
DP: I’m in my room of course, I presume you are in yours?
HN: … I’m thinking of leaving
DP: o:! Are you sure you want to do that? It’s still a bit early and you’re sleeping less and less.
HN: How do you know how much I’ve been sleeping? I kept that a secret
DP: You cannot hide anything from your older sister. d:
DP: If you’re going to leave your room, make sure you have means to protect yourself.

HN: Okay!
DP: If you’re unsure of anything, or want to know something just hit me up <:
HN: Sure thing, Sister.


— hallowedNightmare[HN] ceased pestering depravedPhantasm[DP] 


Talking with your sister always cheers you up, but you can’t shake the feeling that she’s a bit creepy, maybe creepier than you look!

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