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Ira used the KITCHEN KNIFE to create the SHADOW SABRE.
This blade is forged from pure darkness, it’s incredibly sharp and resilient.


Lucia: TOT!!!!
Lucia: That’s super awesome! Can I have it?!

Ira: Yes, you may, but not quite yet…
Lucia: Awww, come on T.T
Ira: Patience Ms. Lucia, I’ll need to be a bit stronger until I can give it to you….
Lucia: Okay, stronger, got it.
Ira: I can hold one item at a time, If you ever want your knife back all you have to do is ask for it and it’s yours….
Lucia: Okay!
Ira: At least I can defend you now… ouo

The SHADOW SABRE increases Ira’s Strength by +20!


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