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She was the first real friend you could say you ever had, next to your sister.

You first met in a library, bumping into each other in the horror section. You shared a common interest in scary and evil things, and later became the best of friends. She’d often visit your home and you’d play in your old fort in the pantry. Your sister always treated her poorly and started a rumor about her, which later lead to her being bullied.

You would stick up for her any chance you could get, but things just couldn’t stop with your sister as the ring leader. She eventually started getting wounds on her arms and legs which she’d often hide from you. On Feb 4th, she was found shot in the head in her father’s room, using his gun for suicide. She left a suicide note that said “Boo.” No one could understand what it could mean, or what relation it had for anything. You later found the news, which started your insomnia. You soon hid it away deep down and forgot all about it. You can’t even recall her name.

You never held the bullying thing against your sister, though.

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