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Reggie: Dude, we’re screwed. That weird cat is unreasonably strong.
Derrick: No worries, man. I have the bullets now!
Reggie: No, dude. I mean like cheap strong. I saw its stats and the minute I did it dashed at me and tried to slice me up.
Reggie: Like it knows what I can do or something.
Reggie: It only attacks you if you let your guard down, and its dexterity is through the goddamn roof!
Reggie: It’s even higher than mine.

Derrick: What was it?
Reggie: Uhh, like 50?
Derrick: 50?!!
Reggie: YES! At that level, it can dodge your shitty bullets and have time to make freakin’ tea!
Derrick: Well what do we do?
Reggie: Hmm, well, seeing as how there are two freak-os roaming around, I guess we better stay in here.
Derrick: Two?
Reggie: Yeah man, there is some weird poltergeist in your kitchen. All you can see is its teeth though.
Reggie: Its stats are lame, but it also has high dexterity.

Derrick: To be honest, can you remind me what dexterity is again?
Reggie: It’s your mobility. If it’s high it means you’re fast as fuck, if it’s low you’re slow as shit.
Derrick: O_O.. oh.
Reggie: Yeah, pretty simple. I’m a bird, so obviously I can dodge things easily.
Reggie: Fluffy is big, so he’s pretty sluggish.
Reggie: If you have high dexterity you also get a chance to attack twice depending on the other person’s dexterity.
Reggie: So it’s good to keep track of who’s fast and who’s slow.

Derrick: Okay, I see..
Reggie: Anyways, yeah. What are we gunna do now?



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