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Reggie: See, I told ya he could do it. -v-
Derrick: Wow, this looks good as new!
Derrick: But… what’s up with that weird carving of his face on the door…?
Reggie: Meh, I’m not really feelin’ it either, but it’s best not to question his methods.
Reggie: I’m sure in the grand scheme of everything it’s super important.
Reggie: Take note of that 4 in the diamond. That’s probably one of the combinations.

Derrick: What makes you say that?
Reggie: I dunno, I mean, why else would he do it? You think he’s actually smarter than all of us combined and just decides not to join in on the conversation because he’s too good for us?
Reggie: Please.
Reggie: He has no idea what 4 is but made it for our sakes. Roll with it.

Derrick: Okay, well, I guess one number is left to figure out.



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