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Derrick: That’s weird. Why are there slash marks on the broom closet door?
Reggie: …
Reggie: Dude, look again, there is no door.

Derrick: O__O Whoa, I swear the door was JUST there!
Reggie: Yeah, dude, you’re lucky you have me here. I can see all the weird shit around.
Reggie: Like that weird shadow on the other side of the black shit.

Derrick: The black shit is still there? But I thought we killed the creep?
Reggie: Yeah, I guess it must have something to do with the no entry sign.
Reggie: That shadow thing is creeping me out. This is pointless.

Derrick: Why is there a red question mark on the slashes?
Reggie: Maybe the slashes mean something.
Derrick: What could they possibly mean?
Derrick: ….
Reggie: …?
Derrick: …. I think… we should go now.
Reggie: Why? You know what they mean?
Reggie: Tell me! This could be interesting.

Derrick: No, let’s get out… I don’t want to remember.
Reggie: TvT I’ll find out eventually. If you want to leave a blackout dream, all you have to do is wake up.
Derrick: Wake up?
Reggie: Yes.
Derrick: So like how do I do that? I feel like I’m awake.
Reggie: Yeah. You have to realise that it’s not true.
Reggie: Once you do that, you’ll instantly wake up.

Derrick: That’s so easy, though.
Reggie: Okay then, go for it.
Derrick: …
Derrick: …
Derrick: …
Reggie: -v-
Derrick: …
Derrick: …
Derrick: What the hell…
Reggie: Not so easy, is it?
Derrick: Okay then, how do you do it?
Reggie: Face death.
Derrick: What?
Reggie: If you face death, and believe that this isn’t real, you’ll wake up.
Derrick: So what does that entail?
Reggie: See that creepy shadow over there?
Derrick: Yeah…..?
Reggie: Go punch it. -v-
Derrick: No. I can’t even get over there…
Reggie: Well if you don’t want to at least try, the other way out is to recite the last thing you said before you blacked out.
Derrick: OH! I know this.. I said…. uhhh…
Derrick: Sorry..?
Derrick: So–



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