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Derrick: Read between the lines!

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Derrick: Read between the lines!


Reggie: DUDE!
Reggie: DU–

Derrick: Stop squawking! I can see you clearly now.
Reggie: Oh, fantastic.
Reggie: Well, as you noticed, a dream within a dream is called a blackout dream.
Reggie: They’re nice because they resemble REAL WORLD occurrences, which means you can watch TV and go outside and everything.
Reggie: It’s basically a generated world from your brain that can simulate a shit ton of probabilities in real time. You’re smarter than you think!

Derrick: …
Reggie: Yes, it’s a lot to take in. Sometimes blackout dreams will have certain dream aspects to them, but you won’t recognize them as unusual.
Reggie: Like how I was following you and you had no idea.

Derrick: I didn’t see you, though! It’s not like I clearly saw you and thought “Oh, a raven, that’s not strange at all!”
Reggie: Same shit man, I was there and you didn’t pay me any mind. -v-
Derrick: Okay then…
Reggie: Anyways, these dreams are freaking dangerous as hell.
Derrick: Why’s that?
Reggie: Because they’re so damn confusing! I mean, look around, you basically replayed your freakin’ morning and didn’t think twice about it!
Derrick: Heh, now that you mention it I was just about to grab my box of cereal…
Reggie: Yeah, you DO NOT want to have these dreams. For simplicity’s sake…
Reggie: You can end up with them from wilfully sleeping in a dream, being killed in a dream, or blacking out awake.
Reggie: Only thing is, in blackout dreams, you can actually black out again!
Reggie: Shit will get real if you do that, so don’t, hahaha.
Reggie: If your conjurations or me happens to uh.. *CAW*die*CAW*…
Reggie: We’ll end up here as well, or if we sleep.

Derrick: I see…
Reggie: Yeah, but I can’t get out if I die, only you and conjurations can.
Derrick: Wait what?
Reggie: I CAN’T. GET OUT. IF. I. DIE.
Derrick: I know!! But why?!
Reggie: Hmm, I dunno. You guys have control over this place on a higher level than you think.
Reggie: You just don’t know jack-shit to really effect anything significantly.
Reggie: Like the movie, the Matrix. Remember when we watched that shit?

Derrick: Haha, yeah!
Reggie: Yeah man, you’re like Neo or something when he was a noobie and couldn’t do the epic jump of faith thing.
Reggie: Soon you’ll be able to fly and bend matter into binary and turn into people!

Derrick: Whoa, seriously?
Reggie: Nah, hahaha you loser, what do you think this is! -v-
Derrick: Aw… that sounded pretty awesome.
Reggie: Yes, that it does~
Reggie: Who knows maybe I’m wrong. ^v^
Reggie: In any case, the demo is over, let’s get outta here.

Derrick: Wait!
Reggie: What?
Derrick: You know on the note, did you make the 2 red?
Reggie: No…. Why is it red?
Derrick: Yeah, you wrote some shit on the note somehow but the number 2 was clearly red.
Reggie: Huh… That could be a clue or something. We are deeper in your subconscious, by the way.
Reggie: So, there will be weird shit that you may or may not notice as strange that are clues to stuff.

Derrick: Hey, maybe this is a number for the combination!
Reggie: -v- Hmm, but what does 2 have to do with anything?
Derrick: Well, 2 weeks for gramps to come back…
Reggie: 2 weeks? My God, you’re gunna die. You can’t take care of yourself >v>
Derrick: >:I
Reggie: Hahaha, well, I have no idea what relation 2 weeks has for anything other than that which just happened. If there are clues in here we might as well stick around and look for more.
Derrick: Wait, how long do things take in here?
Reggie: ….
Reggie: Please…
Reggie: Don’t ask me that…

Derrick: Why not?
Reggie: I hate dream time shit, it’s so confusing, depending on if it’s a dream or a blackout it goes faster than normal or slower than normal.
Reggie: You can have a dream in a blackout dream then black out in that dream and so on and so forth..

Derrick: Whoa, what the hell? I could get lost in my mind?!
Reggie: Yeah, man. Blackouts are no joke. That’s why I don’t like sticking around in them.
Reggie: Let’s do a quick sweep. If nothing sticks out, we dip.

Derrick: ‘Kay.



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