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Derrick: Well then, anyone online you want to talk to?

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Derrick: Well then, anyone online you want to talk to?


Hey, your sister is on! It’s about time.


— hallowedNightmare[HN] began pestering depravedPhantasm[DP]

HN: Hey, Sister!
HN: How are you?
DP: Oh, hello, brother.
DP: Wasn’t expecting you to message me so soon <:
HN: What? Why?
DP: Errrrrr because reasons… <:
DP: Anyways, what’s up?
HN: Oh nothing, just walking around in my house.
DP: Is that so…? *giggle*
HN: … :l
DP: …….. <:
HN: What the hell?
DP: What?!
HN: What’s with you? You’re… off.
HN: Are you on drugs or something?
DP: Hey brother, that’s rude!
DP: I’m just in a good mood right now~
HN: Why’s that?
DP: Oh, wouldn’t you like to know?
DP: Don’t bug girls about their personal business <:
HN: :l
HN: Bleh, whatever. Thanks for helping me in my dreams, though.
DP: Hahaha, what?
HN: You know, you helped me learn the ropes of how to control my lucid state.
HN: I’ve gotten somethings down and with a bit more practise.
HN: I’m sure I can turn it into something epic :O
DP: Hmm, I dunno, maybe I forgot about it.
HN: It was just last night :l
DP: Some people don’t remember their dreams. I may be one of them I suppose.
HN: Oh, by the way, thanks for using this font, it’s a LOT easier on the eyes!
DP: Haha, no problem <:
DP: This is my favourite colour so it’s only natural.
DP: Anything new happen on your lucid adventures?
HN: Hmm, well, since I never got to give you the status report in the dream, I guess I can just tell you here.
DP: <:!
HN: After I beat the hallway monsters, I went downstairs where I saw this creepy white blank lookin’ dude with a deformed claw hand that had weird black veins around it.
HN: As well as an eye that seems to be able to move around its body!
DP: Ew…. that’s creepy l:
HN: Yes, there’s more.
HN: The creep then blocked the hallway connecting the living room to the kitchen/bathroom.
DP: <:….
HN: … And then, I panicked and tried to bust through the blockade by force, getting caught up in the weird black shit.
HN: Which then I got loose from, only to find out he’s slow as hell.
DP: Hahahahaha <:
HN: So then I ducked out in the broom closet but ended up in my safehouse!
HN: Where Reggie explained what happened after he was a little upset about me not bringing him along at the start.
DP: Reggie is alive?
HN: Yeah! He’s cool too. You should see him he looks like an actual bird, instead of his fluffy animal self.
HN: He said I managed to manipulate reality to warp myself into the safehouse, but I was also in the broom closet at the same time?
DP: O:!
HN: ..?
DP: Brother, that’s really, really serious!
HN: What?
DP: You’re telling me you can already warp your location?
DP: That’s like level 15 shit!

HN: Level 15, what are you talking about?
DP: *sigh* I don’t really feel like explaining it all.
DP: But to put it simply, you’re doing advanced things very early.

HN: Yeah, but I didn’t do it on purpose, it was by accident.
DP: Oh….
DP: Well, you were probably scared.
DP: Your fear changed reality against your will to protect you, you subconsciously changed reality.
DP: I guess you wanted to be safe so your mind whipped up the safehouse, and probably made measures so that the monster creepy dude couldn’t interrupt it. But I wouldn’t count on using your fear as a safety net.

HN: Well that’s pretty awesome, I guess I’m pretty good at this.
DP: Yeah well, you should be more careful. You’re lucky that thing was slow, there won’t be easy monsters when you lucid dream often…
DP: More monsters get aware of your projection and line up to take a shot at you.
DP: And some monsters will do anything to get a body….
DP: Try not to trust anything in there other than your conjurations!

HN: Sure!
DP: <:
HN: :​D
DP: I’m going to take a catnap, talk with you later Brother!
HN: Okay, enjoy your nap.

— depravedPhantasm[DP] ceased pestering hallowedNightmare[HN] —



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